Some Like It Hot - Dark Chili Chocolate in Coco Passion Box

Sixteen pieces of rich, delightful & spicy molded dark chocolate

This 16 piece selection is beautifully displayed in a sturdy keepsake book box with a heart shaped window for admiring the chocolates before you eat them.

Our chili chocolates are made from gourmet organic 73% Dark Chocolate couverture, the highest quality chocolate, and a unique blend of chilis: Turkish Urfa Biber and Italian Aleppocrushed red pepper.

Urfa is a very mild chili, slightly salty and scores a two out of ten on Life By Chocolate's hot chili scale. Aleppo is hotter and more intense. Aleppo scores a five out of ten but we don't put as much aleppo in the mix as we do urfa. A definite must for the chili chocolate lover.

Naturally sweet, without being overly sweet and sugary. The perfect combination of chocolate and chili to leave a lingering memory and have you wanting more!

Price:  $26.25 each