Dark Chocolate Carmel Crème

Gourmet organic 73% Dark Chocolate couverture, the highest quality, organic milk, organic evaporated cane juice and butter with a hint of vanilla bean making a rich and gooey lusciously soft crème caramel. This is a molded caramel rather than a dipped caramel.

Naturally sweet, without being overly sweet and sugary. The perfect combination of chocolate and caramel to leave a lingering memory and have you wanting more!

This is a very popular confection. The caramel is so soft and delicious you will come back again and again.

A 1/4 lb is about 10 to 12 caramels. A 1/2 lb is about 20 to 24 caramels. A pound is about 40 to 48 caramels. All of our gourmet chocolate confections are handmade with care but weights can vary per confection.

These caramels are packaged in our beautiful Life By Chocolate blue blox.