"I have this theory that chocolate slows down the aging process . . . It may not be true, but do I dare take the chance?" -- Anonymous

Welcome to Life by Chocolate. We are an artisan chocolates and confections boutique that sells molded chocolates, dipped chocolates, truffles as well as other candies. At Life by Chocolate, all of our chocolates are handmade. We believe in creating unique chocolates and exotic confections, while at the same time cherishing the traditional.

We make hand dipped chocolate truffles made with white, milk and dark chocolate and infused with delicious green, oolong and black teas. We also make coffee truffles. Our truffles are finely decorated. We make unique caramels, such as banana saffron, hand dipped in dark chocolate as well as caramel crèmes. We make the best cherry cordials you will ever have and we also make pear and apricot cordials as well. We make cream and butter ganache.

All of our exotic chocolates are made using the finest Swiss chocolate or American Organic chocolate and the finest local ingredients or the finest organic ingredients. We also make vegan organic chocolate bars. No milk or honey is used in the making of these bars. The chocolate we use is squeaky clean as are our manufacturing processes. So, if you're worried about chocolate which may contain trace amounts of milk, buy one of our new vegan bars. We have redone some of our nonvegan bar flavors using vegan chocolate and we've also come up with some delicious new vegan bars. Or try some of our new vegan truffles. We make a myriad of vegan chocolates using certified organic and vegan chocolate as well as other vegan ingredients. Our philosophy here at Life by Chocolate is to buy local first, then organic. Support your local economy and it'll support you. Local is the ultimate fair trade.

To learn more about us, read Our Story or just buy some of our chocolates.

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