Our Causes

When Kim and I started Life By Chocolate, we wanted to make a difference, not only a difference in the world of taste and beauty but also a difference in the world. To help make that difference, we decided to donate to shelters and environmental causes to keep our world a green and clean place for our children in generations to come.

Life By Chocolate embraces those causes in the workplace as well. We use fair trade and organic chocolate and have created a vegan line of chocolates. The deliciousness of our confections does not depend on factory farms or cruelty to animals. We also use recycled boxes when shipping and are commited to reusing, reducing and recycling our waste as much as possible, creating a greener world for our children.

To help make our world a better place, currently, we support the following initiatives and projects:

We also support shelters and other programs for rescuing animals, people and other unfortunates. Currently, we are supporting Midwest Rabbit Rescue & Re-home: people helping bunnies helping people in honor of our old house bunny, Augustus.

This year they are showcasing vegan chocolates to let our bunny-loving friends know that we help bunnies without doing it at the xpense of other animals and to promote the buying of chocolate rabbits rather than living rabbits for Easter.

For a calendar of events and projects, please see our Facebook page. Thank you.