A chocolaterie crafting confections worth living for in New York's Hudson River Valley.

We invite you to explore our line of both traditional and unique confections, all made by hand in the kitchen of the historic Greenville Arms 1889 Inn. Our delectably smooth, mostly organic, chocolate is sourced from the finest Swiss manufacturer and we do our best to source ingredients for all our confections from producers in Upstate New York. From our Maple Creme to our Tamarind Honey, we hope you enjoy our treats both simple and complex, traditional and exotic, & of course, milk and true dark chocolate.

Our vegan chocolates are made with 73% organic dark chocolate and crafted using separate equipment to ensure they are not cross-contaminated with milk or other animal products. We craft a variety of options ranging from solids to fruit and nut combinations to our most well known, hand-rolled vegan truffles.